Rex Ryan has a creepy tattoo of his wife in a Sanchez jersey?

After the epic disaster known as the New York Jets 2012 Season, head coach Rex Ryan understandably bolted to the Bahamas to get away from all the drama and Tebowmania. What we don’t understand is the ridiculous tattoo paparazzi spotted on Ryan’s arm while at the beach. That tattoo, depicts Rex’s wife wearing nothing but…. a Mark Sanchez jersey!!???

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with this dude. The foot-fetish video was weird enough, but now this! Maybe we can understand why Rex was too stubborn to bench Sanchez all season. Either Rex has a huge man-crush on his boy-toy QB, or he is passionate about not letting his body-art become outdated. You readers can decide.

Regardless, this just elevates how disgraceful the entire New York Jets organization is…. and it couldn’t make The Audio Dope any happier!

Rex Ryan Sanchez Tattoo

Rex Ryan Sanchez Tattoo



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