Quote of the Day: The Dark Knight Rises, Bane

“The Dark Knight Rises” was definitely one of The Audio Dope’s Top 5 movies of 2012. After witnessing the epic conclusion Bane Stock Exchangeto Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy this summer, The Audio Dope spent two months reeling off random Bane lines in voices we thought sounded like Tom Hardy (upon second viewing, we realized we were doing a weird Sean Connery impersonation… go figure). Of all the Bane lines stated throughout the movie, the Quote of the Day below stuck with us; it embodied a cool and calm composure, while reeking of bad-assness. In case you forgot, the quote below takes place right as Bane leaves the Stock Exchange for an awesome street-chase with Batman. Sorry for the crappy video, it was the only one we could find.

Quote of the Day: “Time to go mobile.”




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