Trailer: “Iron Man 3”!!!

The Audio Dope has one thing to say about the first official trailer for “Iron Man 3”: YES!

After the debacle known as “Iron Man 2” nearly ruined my love for Tony Stark’s story, “Iron Man 3” looks to have the same engaging/breathtaking qualities that the first movie had. As opposed to “Iron Man 2”, the third films looks like it will have a well developed plot that actually analyzes the development and maturation of Stark’s character and relationship with his Iron Man suit.


1) Even thought he was barely in the trailer, Guy Pearce looks like he’s going to be a real menacing mofo in “Iron Man 3”

2) Mandarin. Ben Kingsley. Simple as that.

3) While we were disappointed to hear the new film wasn’t tackling Tony’s alcoholism (a serious topic in the comic-series), it seems Stark will be faced with some serious decision-making.

4) The logo at the end of the trailer. It kinda looks like the power-source that’s in Tony’s chest is slowly deteriorating. Symbolism anyone?


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