Quick Review: Dexter Episode 4 & 5

I’ve been slacking hard on the post-grind as of late and as a result, haven’t been keeping up with my Dexter reviews. I’m about to watch the 6th episode of the season which I’ll review tonight, but I wanted to do a quick recap about my favorite things in the 4th and 5th episodes of Dexter Season 7. To preface, I love this season. Maybe I love it ’cause Travis and Lumen kind of sucked, or it could be that the seventh season is just fucking phenomenal. Here are the talking points.

Episode 4

I loved the continuation of the story from the third episode. The demonic bull-horned serial killer was ridiculously scary and proved to be a half-worthy adversary to Dex.


1) Dexter waking up in the “master-killhouse”. Suspenseful to say the least.

2) The way Dexter performed his kill from start to finish. I loved the note saying “stay” and I loved the way he burned that sicko to pieces.

3) I love that Bautista knows something is up with suicide of the alleged killer of the late Mike Anderson. Let’s see what happens going forward.

4) The final scene with Dex and Deb in the car was powerful. Deb is slowly but surely beginning to understand the significance of what Dexter does.

Episode 5

Things we loved:

1) Dexter’s reaction to finding blood on his boat and realizing someone had been killed on it recently.

2) The entire sequence between Dexter and Isaak was unbeleivable. Although I thought Dex was walking a really dangerous line, I’m glad he came out on top.

3) I loved the flashback scenes a la “Boondock Saints” when they revealed how Issak killed everyone in the rival gang’s bar.

4) I’m pissed Quinn took the money from mob. I have a feeling things aren’t going to end well for Joey Quinn by the end Season 7.

5) I’m clueless why Dexter let Hannah go. It makes me so mad that he’s tampering with evidence just because he doesn’t understand the magnitude of the situation. He can totally end up screwing Deb in the longrun, and LaGuerta is putting some serious pieces together.


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