Lyrical Exercise: J. Cole, ‘Sideline Story’

Although the two albums are completely different, Kendrick Lamar’s new “GKMC” debut album reminds us so much of J. Cole’s debut release “Cole World: The Sideline Story”. Today’s Lyrical Exercise features lines from the the title track ‘Sideline Story’. ‘Sideline Story’ is one of my favorites on the album and always a good one to bump when you’re feeling mellow and kicking it. The Lyrical Exercise coincidentally features a comparison between MJ and LBJ, which has been debated in the media heavily since Lebron’s first championship (Our Opinion: It’s not even a comparison).

The Lyrical Exercise comes in at 3:18. We recommend you watch the entire video though: great song and great music video.


And my lines is designed from the heart
Young Simba been a lion from the start
Dumb nigga’s, ya’ll been lyin from the start
My life’s like a movie, truly
And these niggas is dyin’ for the part
But, you’ll never play me like LeBron vs. Jordan
Twenty years, wonder who they gone say was more important
Both changed the game, came through and made a lane
Who’s to say that who’s greater, all we know, they ain’t the same


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