Review: Dexter Season 7 Episodes 2 & 3

We apologize for no “Dexter” review last week after the second episode of the seventh season. Before we review Episode 3, The Audio Dope wanted to give our quick take on Episode 2.

Episode 2:

After one of the greatest season premiers of all-time, episode 2 never had a chance at matching its predecessor in terms of sheer excitement and awesomeness.  However The Audio Dope was pretty happy about how the 2nd episode of season 7 of “Dexter” panned out. I thought Deb’s reaction in the beginning of the episode was priceless and just as gut-wrenching as I always imagined it would be.

Loved It: 

1) Deb’s reaction and initial plan of being Dexter’s 24×7 ‘babysitter’. It was interesting to see Dexter as a caged animal with no where to go.

2) The last scene where the inmate jumps in front of the bus, foreshadowing a potential situation where Dexter might entertain the idea of death before going to jail.

Hated It:

1) That Dexter didn’t kill Louis when he had a chance. That dude is up to no good and I feel like he’s hiding some crazy things. Prior to watching Episode 3, I was convinced Luis had some crazy connection to Dexter, Rudy, and the Ice Truck Killer case. I guess I was wrong.

Overall: Pretty happy about Episode 2. “Dexter” Season 7 has the makings of one of the best seasons yet.

Episode 3:

Just watched Episode 3 of Season 7 and HOLY SHIT. This is the “Dexter” that The Audio Dope has been waiting for. I don’t remember my chest hurting so much after an episode since Season 2 of “Dexter”. Episode 3 had The Audio Dope’s heart-rate jacked and uba-chubbed about what’s to come next week.

Favorite Parts:

1) The whole episode served as a vehicle for Dexter to slowly explain to Deb how his ‘dark passenger’ can be channeled to do good. I loved how a majority of the episode dealt with one “bad-guy” and had its own story arc within the episode. It was reminiscent of early “Dexter” episodes that featured Dex mainly just stalking and dicing up scumbags.

2) The guy (sorry we don’t know his name) who Dexter and Deb tracked down was absolutely insane. I’m interested to what the follow-up will be in the next episode with this guy. The dude seemed to be very ritualistic like Dexter based on his shrine in the graveyard. Lastly, the guy’s costume and torture chamber was one of the freakiest things I’ve seen in a while. I actually had my hand in front of my eyes for part of the last scene ’cause it was so suspenseful. The scene reminded me of the final scene in “The Silence of the Lambs”.

3) The last line of the episode, “But freedom comes at a cost”, was dope. As for now, Dexter will have some freedom and be living at his apartment. Clearly Dexter is conflicted about the potential effects of living back at his apartment. Personally, I’m happy the whole “house arrest” thing is pretty much over. It was cool, but definitely not something that should be dragged out.

4) Louis!!!: It was about time Dexter started to run shit and prove to Louis that he is not to be messed with. The manuever with the Ice Truck Hand was well-played, and the video Dexter sent to Jamie was pure gold. On another note, I definitely didn’t see Louis getting fucked up this early in the season. I thought things were just getting started between he and Dexter but it seems the Russian/Ukrainian mobsters will be the central baddies for Season 7.

Things to think about:

1) LaGuerta is still making progress with follow-ups on the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

2) Could DNA from Louis’ murder on Dexter’s boat somehow come around to screw Dexter in upcoming episodes?

3) What’s the mobsters’ next move?


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