Lyrical Exercise: Big K.R.I.T., ‘Live from the Underground’

Big K.R.I.T. is definitely one of The Audio Dope’s favorite artists in the hip-hop game right now as he offers a breath of fresh air and a different type of southern sound. KRIT’s debut album, “Live from the Underground” definitely disappoint and was one of our favorite projects of 2012 so far. Today’s Lyrical Exercise features the first verse from the album’s title track, ‘Live from the Underground’. Check out the song and Lyrical Exercise below.

The beat in the video is a little different than the official song but the vocal are the same.

My papa told me get paper, motherfuck a Explainhater
Them J’s look clean son but elevate to gators
I took that shit to heart plus I dug it like a crater
I’m givin’ out game player are there any takers
While you was quarter sackin’ I was quarterbackin
Callin’ plays everyday, level All-Madden
Hi five, cloud nine, private jet lackin’
Treat the seal like a vinyl record, gotta keep it crackin’
Shall I pour up, blow some smoke up, get my spit on
Grab a paper, sit on a track and get my shit on
Ice cold water with the flow minus the lemon
I’m Cinematic Multi, what label you been on

Old school ridin’ flickin’ ashes in the tray
Smokin’ up the booth blowin’ static in they face
C.R.E.A.M., cash rules everything around me
King, checker board nigga go and crown me



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