Trailer for Die Hard 5: “A Good Day To Die Hard”

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News of a fifth ‘Die Hard’ came with some mixed reactions from The Audio Dope. While we felt “Live Free or Die Hard” wrapped up the John McClane saga nicely, if offered some more Die Hard (free drinks?), The Audio Dope is never going to pass up.

The new trailer for “A Good Day To Die Hard” exceeded our expectations and actually has us real stoked for this film. Despite the fact that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has a limited role, Die Hard 5 looks like it’ll be an awesome time for movie-goers everywhere. Peep the trailer below

Sidenote(s): 1)I’m on the fence about the whole father-son dynamic to the film. 2) I hope they don’t kill Bruce Willis. I get that the title alludes to this idea, but John McClane is the kind of character that is impervious to pain.


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