Quote of the Day: Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman

The Audio Dope’s Quote of the Day comes from a random-ass line from “Pulp Fiction” that all Tarantino fans know like the back of their hands. There are two reasons why this line/joke hits-home so well:

1) Although the Vincent/Mia story is crazy from start to finish, it manages to end with a silly joke that basically says, “hey audience, don’t take this film toooo seriously”.

2) The joke just connects ’cause the audience doesn’t expect any follow-up to Mia Wallace’s “Fox Force Five” backstory. But of course, Tarantino doesn’t disappoint and throws the audience a bone to lighten the mood (A classic directorial/writing technique used during insane/high octane movies to keep things emotionally balanced).

Quote of the Day: “Ketchup.”




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