Facebook to allow users to advertise?

For anyone familiar with finance and valuation, you know the bottom-line question for many growing companies is “where is the cash flow coming from”. In a move that The Audio Dope sees as a desperate attempt to find new sources of revenue, FB is going to allow users to pay to advertise on the social-networking website. Clearly Zuckerberg and the gang are freaking out after the horrific Facebook IPO and subsequent shareprice crash.

Our take: I want this to happen. I’m almost positive that with user-advertisements, FB will slowly become something users will not want to spend time on. With user-advertisements come a “Myspace”-type social network  that opposes the “organic” visuals/feeling of FB. I’ve personally become disenchanted with Facebook over the past year and would love if Zuckerberg screws himself over by doing too much. Stay tuned for more information.

Sidenote: We just saw a preview for a new Facebook commercial. While it looks pretty cool, it’s not bringing anything new to the table. Expect the clip to pop up on the web this weekend.


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