Lyrical Exercise: Lupe Fiasco, ‘Put Em Up’

Slowly but surely, Lupe Fiasco’s new album “Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album” has been making its way to my daily-playlist. Despite the fact I was disappointed after my first listen of ‘F&L2’, I’ve come to really enjoy a majority of the album. Lupe goes over some awesome beats and is arguably as lyrically on-point as he’s been since his mixtape “Enemy of the State”. Today’s Lyrical Exercise features some dope bars from one of the best songs on Lu’s new album, ‘Put Em Up’.

The Lyrical Exercise comes in at the 2:52 mark in the video below and continues to the end of Lupe’s verse. The first half of the third verse is pretty dank too which begins 25 seconds earlier at the 2:27 mark. Enjoy!

So put them up like a robbery
A Derrick Rose lob to me
And watch and see I alley-oop it properly
Football or volley-b, hock-el-y, or sock-el-y
You just get the rock to me
Try and put me down like Gaddafi over Lockerbie
I’ll lock you in a locker b
Like Bruce Leroy, like Johnny in a locker see
Shock is the only thing that 2Pac is toppin me
Hot as rocket bottoms or kill em where your lava be.


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