Who ya got?: Cowboys vs. Bears

The Audio Dope Breakdown:

Offense: The better team on offense in tonight’s Cowboys vs. Bears game will mainly be dictated by the offensive lines. Both Dallas and Chicago’s O-lines could be categorized as “miserable”, as a result of sloppy penalties and easy sacks. With guys like Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten due for breakout games, The Audio Dope has to side with the ‘Boys on the offensive side of the ball. Advantage: Cowboys

Defense: As ironic as it is, both offensive lines will probably determine which squad has a better game defensively as well. Anthony Spencer is out with a strained pec which means the Bears can focus a majority of their attention on Demarcus “the greatest defensive player in the game today” Ware. Ware and the Cowboys new linebacking core consisting of Sean Lee, Bruce Carter will definitely be responsible for setting the tone defnesively for the ‘Boys. On the other side, struggling players like Doug Free and Tyron Smith are going to be mincemeat to the likes of Urlacher and the Bears D. Advantage: Even

Special Teams: Devin Hester. That is all. Advantage Bears

Final Verdict: Cowboys 27    Bears 17

So…Who ya got?


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