Jerry Jones to appear on FX’s series ‘The League’

The League has been around for years now (premiering in ’09), but it doesn’t seem like it has gotten the props it deserves.  Fx has plenty of original shows to boast about, so I think that could be a reason why the League maybe gets overlooked.   But it’s possible they’ve noticed this, and are looking for different ways to get their name out there.  The League is a semi-improvised comedy centered around 6 friends who compete in a fantasy football league.  I’m sure most have probably seen, or heard of the show, so I’ll spare any more details.  But it is interesting to point out that Jerry Jones, supreme leader of the Dallas Cowboys, will be making a little cameo appearance when the show premiers October 11th.  Jones has a bit of history making cameos too.  For any Entourage fans you’ll remember him being on an episode when Ari was trying to get an NFL team in LA.  I’m sure all fans of the League are anticipating another great season, but I know what I’ll be looking forward to most will be seeing Jerry Jones in the public spotlight for once..




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