Cam Newton Cartoon: Shut up Stephen A. Smith

One of the big subjects at the debate desk this morning on ESPN2’s “First Take” was the Charlotte Observer’s cartoon featuring Cam Newton. The cartoon mocks how Newton was performing his “Superman Celebration” last week while getting killed by the Giants. “First Take”‘s Stephen A. Smith felt it was a racist cartoon that was uncalled for.

The Audio Dope’s Verdict: stop making things about race. This cartoon has absolutely nothing to do with race. If you think Newton is depicted as white male in the cartoon than you are an imbecile (Stephen A.). It’s just the coloring the artist utilized. Clearly the artist knew dude was African-American. Personally I agree completely with the message of the cartoon l. Cam, why are you flaunting your shit when your team is getting killed? That move is definitely more ‘Hello, Kitty’ than ‘Panthers’.

Check out the sketch below:



One thought on “Cam Newton Cartoon: Shut up Stephen A. Smith

  1. Absolutely agree, its in no way directed at ANY race, let alone african-americans, its a statement about showing off when you have no reason to show off and then whine about losing during/after the game with body language and negative remarks. I will no longer watch first take on espn just because of the blatantly moronic remarks by the panel on the show. I watch espn for SPORTS not political/racial crap that was made up to create controversy!

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