Photo: Inside-view of Aronofsky’s “Noah” Ark

Here’s the first photo of what the inside of Noah’s Ark will potentially look like in Darren Aronofsky’s (Black Swan) “Noah”. Initially The Audio Dope thought this pic was a fake; turns out the photo was actually tweeted by “Noah” cinematographer Matthew Libatique, so you know it’s legit.

Three thoughts:

1) I love the mystical/ambiguous look that the inside of the Ark seems to have. Can’t wait to see more.

2) I always thought that only two animals of each type were put on the Ark by Noah? However it seems like there are a shitload of reptiles in the photo.

3) With all those snakes, can we expect a Samuel L. Jackson cameo?

“Noah” stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins. It’s set to hit theaters Spring of 2014


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