Lyrical Exercise: Eminem, ‘Patiently Waiting’

So today’s Lyrical Exercise comes with a little hesitation. 50 Cent’s debut studio-album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” is hands down one of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time. I remember when ‘In Da Club’ came out in the spring of 6th grade as well as strictly bumping the album all soccer season in the fall of 7th grade. Needless to say, I fucked with “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” hardbody. Which is why I was hesitant to have our first GRODT Lyrical Exercise feature a verse by Eminem. However at the end of the day, Em’s verse in ‘Patiently Waiting’ is definitely one of the best on the album, and known by dudes tryna get gully all over the world.

Favorite Parts:

1) The “Take some BIG and some Pac….” line is one of the most bold yet possibly valid statements made by a rapper during a song. The way Eminem casually mentions hip-hop greats as being just ingredients to his lyrical capabilities is just TOO DOPE.

2) When Eminem says “Spray em 50” and does the machine gun sounds gets me so amped everytime. Anytime you’re trying to “one-up” someone in terms of knowing lyrics, recite all of Eminem’s sound effects in this song. People definitely dig it (I’m 1 for 1 at least).

Eminem comes in at the 1:32 minute mark. Enjoy.

“They think they’re crazy but they ain’t crazy, let’s face it
Shit, basically they’re just playing sick
They ain’t shit, they ain’t saying shit, spray em 50
A to the K get in the way I’ll bring Dre and them with me
And turn this day into fucking mayhem, you staying with me?
Don’t let me lose you, I’m not trying to confuse you
When I let loose with this Uzi and just shoot through your Isuzu
You get the message? Am I getting through to you?
You know what’s coming, you motherfuckers don’t even know, do you?
Take some Big and some Pac and you mix em up in a pot
Sprinkle a little Big L on top, what the fuck do you got?
You got the realest and illest killers tied up in a knot
The juggernauts of this rap shit, like it or not
It’s like a fight to the top just to see who’d die for the spot
You put ya life in this, nothing like surviving a shot
Y’all know what time it is, soon as 50 signs on this dot
Shit what you know about death threats, cause I get a lot”



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