Official Trailer: “Lincoln” directed by Steven Spielberg

We saw the release of the teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” earlier this week, and now comes the full-length official trailer for the film. Focusing on the sixteenth President of the United States of America, “Lincoln” looks like it’s going to be a dope period-piece of sorts while highlighting some crucial moments in Abraham Lincoln’s presidency.

Highlights from the trailer:

1) Daniel Day-Lewis’ voice sounds awesome as President Lincoln. If you’ve seen any Day-Lewis movies (My Left Foot, Gangs of New York) you know he has an incredible vocal range and is capable of playing almost any type of character. The trailer for “Lincoln” makes The Audio Dope think we should expect the same for this one.

2) The cinematography: From the looks of the trailer, the movie has an amazing cinematic feel to it and definitely captures the aura of the Civil War era. “Lincoln” should definitely be a visual triumph in terms of settings, costumes, etc.

3) The ambiguity: The trailer was very montage-esque and didn’t offer much insight to the main specifics about the film. To me, this is exactly what a movie trailer should do. I hate when previews show you exactly what’s going to happen or the best scenes from the movie. While I found the trailer entertaining, I’m definitely excited to see more from “Lincoln”

“Lincoln” hits theaters November 16th 2012. Peep the trailer below.


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