Dopest Dope: Joey Bada$$- Rejex [Mixtape]

The Audio Dope’s favorite new artist this year, Joey Bada$$, just dropped a new (sort of) project comprised of 14 tracks that didn’t make the cut for his first mixtape 1999. About half of the songs leaked previously to create a buzz before 1999 and are actually some of my favorite Joey tracks up to date (Catharsis, Flow-ers, Pantie Raid). The remaining cuts, mostly produced by fellow Pro Era members CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, and Kirk Knight, are all high quality as well. Joey has yet to disappoint and I don’t think he will anytime soon.

You can definitely tell that Joey is influenced by old school like MF Doom and Quasimoto but also by newer acts such as Kendrick to ASAP Rocky. His style is real good mix of old and new.

Check out some of our favorite tracks and download the tape below.


Album art is fucking sweet by the way…


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