Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington to star in film together!?

Woah…. this is some Christmas morning kinda news for me right here. Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington are hands down two of my favorite actors in Hollywood today. Apparently the two are in talks to star together in “Candy Store”, a thriller revolving around undercover cops and a global criminal organization (Awesome… I know!). “Candy Store” is written by screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, who is also set to direct the film. Gaghan directed “Syriana” (George Clooney) and won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2000 for “Traffic” (Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas).

To be honest, I never thought I’d see a film feature the likes of Pitt and Washington together. While I’m pumped about this potential pairing, I’m super-pysched about the details of the “Candy Store” script. Apparently the roles Brad and Denzel are in talks for have equal screen-time and are of equal importance. This comes as awesome news because I feel like recently, whenever a movie features two stars, one of them plays the mentor/experienced character and the other plays the young/reckless character. I’m tired of this rehashed movie-trend and ready for some shit a la “The Departed” and “American Gangster” (all the stars had equally important roles).

While more “Candy Store” news is bound to surface soon, be sure to catch Brad Pitt in “Killing Them Softly” and Denzel Washington in “Flight” this upcoming fall.


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